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  Model Serial No. Slew Drive Assembly
Slew Motor Swing Gear Box
9-Series Crawler Exc. R140LC-9 31Q4-11130 31Q4-11140
  R210LC-9 31Q6-10130 31Q6-10140
  R250LC-9 31Q7-10150 31Q7-10130 31EN-10071
  R290LC-9 31Q8-10150 31Q8-10130 31Q8-10140
  R320LC-9 31Q9-10160
  R380LC-9 31QA-10130 31QA-10140
9-Series Wheel Exc. R140W-9 31Q4-11130 31Q4-11140
7-Series Crawler Exc. R15-7 XJDH-02818
  R55-7 31M8-10130 31M8-10140
  R55-7A 31M8-10130 31M8-10140
  R80-7 31N1-10130 31N1-10140
  R80-7A 31N1-10130 31N1-10140
  R110-7 31N4-10130 31N4-10140
  R110-7A 31N4-10130 31N4-10141
  R140LC-7 31N4-10130 31N4-10140
  R140LC-7A 31N4-10130 31N4-10140
  R160LC-7 31EL-12060 31N6-10160
  R160LC-7A 31EL-12060 31N6-10160
  R180LC-7 31N5-12130 31N6-10180
  R180LC-7A 31EL-12060 31N6-10160
  R210LC-7 31N6-10130 31N6-10140 31N6-10150
  R210LC-7 98001 ~ 31N6-10170 31N6-10210 31N6-10180
  R210LC-7A 31N6-10170 31N6-10210 31N6-10180
  R210LC-7H 31N6-10170 31N6-10210 31N6-10180
  R210NLC-7 31N6-10130 31N6-10140 31N6-10150
  R210NLC-7A 31N6-10170 31N6-10210 31N6-10180
  R250LC-7 31N7-10150 31N7-10130 31EN-10070
  R250LC-7A 31N5-10170 31EN-10071
  R290LC-7 31N8-10130 31N8-10140 31E9-01050
  R290LC-7A 31N8-10122 31N8-12010 31E9-01052
  R290LC-7H 31N8-10122 31N8-12010 31E9-01052
  R300LC-7 31N8-10122 31N8-12010 31E9-01052
  R305LC-7 31N8-10122 31N8-12010 31E9-01052
  R320LC-7 31N9-10131 31N8-12010 31N9-10151
  R320LC-7A 31N9-10132 31N8-12010 31N9-10152
  R360LC-7 31NA-10120 XJDB-00223 XJDB-00162
  R360LC-7A 31NA-10160 31NA-10150
  R370LC-7 31NA-10170 31NA-10160
  R450LC-7 31NB-11130 XJDB-00356 XJDB-00357
  R450LC-7A 31NB-11160 31NB-11140 31NB-11150
  R500LC-7 31NB-11160 31NB-11140 31NB-11150
  R500LC-7A 31NB-11160 31NB-11140 31NB-11150
  R800LC-7A 31NA-10160 31ND-11140
7-Series Wheel Exc. R55W-7 31M8-10130 31M8-10140
  R55W-7A 31M8-10130 31M8-10140
  R140W-7 31N3-40220 31E6-12030
  R140W-7A 31N4-10130 31N4-10141
  R170W-7 31EL-12060
  R170W-7A 31EL-12060
  R200W-7 31N6-10130 31N6-10140 31N6-10150
  R200W-7A 31N6-10210 31N6-10180
3-Series Crawler Exc. R55-3 31M6-50090 31M6-50080 31M6-50060
  R130LC-3 31E3-0003 MFB80-021 RG04S-152-05
  R160LC-3 31EG-10030 37T2C027N1011 630010D12
  R180LC-3 31EK-00020 MFC160-010A RG08S-139-07
  R200NLC-3 31EK-00020 MFC160-010A RG08S-139-07
  R210ECONO E131-0042 RG08S-172-01
  R210LC-3 MFB160-046 RG08S-172-01
  R210LC-3H MFC160-010A RG08S-172-01
  R250LC-3 31EN-10031 MFC160-013 RG12S-202-05
  R290LC-3 31E9-0005 RG16S24D7
  R290LC-3H 31E9-01040 31E9-01050
  R320LC-3 31E5-00020 RG16S24D7
  R360LC-3 31EH-00020 RG20S-220-07
  R360LC-3H 31EH-00020 RG20S-220-07
  R450LC-3 ~ 1000 34E7-00271 29-000-96-52 804-000-95-00
  R450LC-3 1000 ~ 34E7-03040 RG08S-168-11
3-Series Wheel Exc. R55W-3 31M6-06020 P-40-551 P750-120
  R95W-3 31EC-00090 RG025S-195-14
  R130W-3 31EA-00120 RG04S-152-05
  R170W-3 31EK-00020 RG08S-139-07
  R200W-3 MFC160-010A RG08S-172-01
Early Crawler Exc. R130LC 31E3-0003 SG04E-033A RG04S-152-05
  R200LC E131-0042 RG08S-172-01
  R280LC E231-0002 Y23700568
  R290LC 31E9-0005 Y23700724
  R320LC 31E5-0002 RG16S24D7
  R420/R450LC 31E7-0002 31E7-0370
Early Wheel Exc. R120W 31E3-0003 SG04E-033A RG04S-152-05
  R130W 31E3-0003 SG04E-033A RG04S-152-05
  R200W/R200W-2 E131-0042 RG08S-172-01
Forestry Machine 33HDLL MFC160-010A RG08S-172-01
  42HDLL/39HDRB 31EH-00020 RG20S-220-07
  R210LC-3 LL MFC160-010A RG08S-172-01
R290LC-3LL/RB 31E5-0002 RG16S24D7



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