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PMP final drives

PMP is a world-class manufacturer of power transmission and fluid power solutions for a variety of industries, including road construction, concrete, material handling, forestry and offers a wide range of planetary gearboxes integrated with electric or hydraulic motors. Three business divisions bring together the best electronic, hydraulic and mechanical technologies to create unique technical solutions suitable for each application.

Plant Parts and PMP jointly support customers within the materials handling, forestry and construction industries through the supply, repair and service exchange of PMP gearboxes, pumps and motors. The scope of our service relates to the PMB and PMH ranges of pumps and motors, as well as the PMC and PMCI ranges.

PMB Series: Standard and Compact Mixer Truck Gearboxes

PMP mixer truck gearboxes

PMP is today the acknowledged world leader in the production of gearboxes for concrete mixer trucks: PMP mission is to design, develop and manufacture the most efficient, reliable and quiet gearboxes for each specific mixer application.

PMH Series: Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

PMP mixer truck gearboxes PMP mixer truck gearboxes

PMH high pressure axial piston pumps and motors are specifically designed and manufactured by PMP to be used on heavy duty machines for traction and auxiliary functions, providing efficiency and durability.

PMC Series: Travel Drives for Tracked Applications

PMP planetary gearboxes

PMC planetary drives offer outstanding features in terms of load capacity, toughness, smoothness of operation and cost effectiveness.

PMCI Series: Integrated Planetary Drives

PMP planetary gearboxes

PMCI drives integrate high pressure and high speed motors into solid planetary gearboxes and are designed for heavy duty applications.