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Komatsu Gear Pump*

Komatsu Part Number: 705-11-35010

Description: Transmission Pump

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Komatsu Gear Pump 705-11-35010

Komatsu Gear Pump 705-11-35010

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Fitted to:
WA350-1 S/N 10001 – UP
WA350-1 S/N A11604 –UP
WA380-1 S/N 10001 – UP
WA380-1 S/N A20012 – UP
WA380-1L S/N 20049; 20307 - 21152
WA380-1L S/N A11146 – A40588
WA400-1 S/N 10001 – UP
WA420-1 S/N 10001 – UP
Our range of quality replacement Komatsu hydraulic gear pumps represent superb value. Save now on these key components.

* The Komatsu names and Part Number are recognised as belonging to there owners. The parts advertised are OEM Parts

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