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Slew Rings / Swing Bearings / Turning Bearing / Slew Circle

  • New units for many brands of Excavator now in stock
  • High quality aftermarket brand units
  • Many parts available for immediate despatch

Range of Slew rings available ex stock, 3-4 working day dispatch for non-stock items

Volvo slew ring 14647523

 Slew ring

Slew ring 3

Slew ring 2 

Examples of our stock now available at amazing prices

Machine Brand Part No Model

Need a pinion? Is your Slew motor slugish?

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Rotating group assembly



swing motor and gearbox parts



Bobcat 6674671 320
Case KNB0782 CX130
Caterpillar 139-4302 301.5, 301.8
Caterpillar 1141414 320B
Caterpillar 1994491 385B, 385BL, 385C
Daewoo 109-00165 S140
Daewoo 2109-9067A S55
Doosan 109-00162 DX210, DX225LC, S225LC
Doosan 109-00149 DX55, S55-V
Hitachi 71401650 FH200
Hitachi 9196732 ZX200, ZX200-E, ZX210(AMS,H, K, N, W) ZX225US, ZX240
Hitachi 4486799 ZX30, ZX30-1, ZX35, ZX35-1
Hyundai 81E3-10010 R130, R130-6
Hyundai 81N6-00021 R210-7, R210LC-7, R220-7
JCB 821/10322 8014, 8016, 8018, 8020
JCB 332/K8067 JS130, JS140, JS145, JZ140
JCB 331/12091 JS160/170
JCB JRB0017 JS200, JS210 & JS220
JCB 916/10029 JS240
JCB JSB0022 JS290, JS330, JS360
JCB 344/L6277  
Kobelco YN40F00026F1 200-8, SK210-8, SK210LC-8, SK210D-8, SK210DLC-8, SK210-9
Komatsu 208-25-61100 450-6
Komatsu 20M-25-81201 PC12R PC15MR PC15MRX PC15R PC18MR, CD10R 
Komatsu 21P-25-K1100 PC150-6K, PC160-6K, PW170-6K, PC180-6K, PC200EL-6K & PC200EN-6K
Komatsu 205-25-00023 PC200, PC220, PC240, PW210, BP500

Need a slew motor / swing gearbox?

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Volvo Swing Assembly

Komatsu 206-25-00301 PC240
Kubota RA111-19110 K008, K008-3
Kubota RG701-19110 KX121, KX121-2
Kubota RD118-19110 KX121-3, KX121-3S, KX121-3ST
Kubota RG001-19110 KX41-2
Kubota RG248-19110 KX61, KX61-2, KX61-3
Kubota RG401-19110 KX71-2
Liebherr 982751301 A904, R904
Liebherr 933628601 A944C HD, R944C
Liebherr 932833001 R914/R924
New Holland 72206928 E145
New Holland 87472588 E215B, E215C, E215C LC, E245B, E245C LC
Sumitomo KSB0713 SH300, SH300-1, SH300-2
Volvo 14563339 EC135B, EC140, EC140B, EC150
Volvo 14647523 EC200B, EC200D, EC210B, EC210C, EC210D, EC220D, EC235C, EC235D, FC2121C, FC2421C
Volvo 14530323 EC210B, EX180B, EW200B
Volvo 14577178 EC220D, EW180C, EW210C
Volvo 14563335 EC290B, EC290C


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